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911 Online Sidebar

The 911 Webring

Do you have a 911 Site ?
Do you want more attention to your site ?
Then join the 911 Webring !!

Current members , enter here if you want to edit your personal info or your site info .

There are 5 steps into how to be part of the 911 Webring !

Step 1 : Learn what's a Webring

A Webring is a way to group together sites with similar content by linking them together in a ring , so that
you , the surfer , can visit all the sites about 911 !!

Step 2 : Have a 911 website

You must have a website in order to be part of the 911 Webring . Make sure all your links are accesible and all the pages are complete . It doesn't have to be very fancy , but it must be presentable .

Step 3 : Fill in the form

Once you have the above 2 steps done , you are ready
to fill in the form which will inform me of your site title , URL etc .Then , once I've viewed and approved your site , your site is ready to be part of the 911 Webring .

Fill in the form :

Site's URL:
Site Title:
Site * Password:

* Type in any password you want , but you have to remember it as
you need it to edit your site info when you log in.

Step 4 : Take the HTML fragment

Cut and paste the HTML fragment into yourpage . You may place it anywhere you want but
preferably to be placed at the bottom of your site .

Step 5 : Wait for the mail

Ok , this is the easiest part . While I do the neccesary stuff for your site to be included in the 911 Webring , you just have to wait for my mail . Make sure you receive two e-mails , one comfirming that you are in the queue and the other one ( which will arrive later) confirming that you are in the 911 Webring !! The 2nd mail comes later cos when you are in the queue , I will have to view and check your page . When you receive the 2nd mail , it means that your site has been included !!

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