* Before you start, you will need to print this page out, so that you can cut out the templates *
that will be used to form your frame later on. It should only take 3 pages of A4 paper.

Getting all the pieces together.

1. Cut around the dotted lines to form a template for the back of the frame.

2. Once you have this in paper, use it to draw around to form the back of the frame in card (an empty cereal packet should also be fine, just remember, always have the cereal packet picture facing inwards so that you can't see it on the finished article!)

3. Cut around the outer dotted line, and then cut out the centre (following the dotted line) to form a template for the front of the frame.

4. Once you have this in paper, use it as a template to cut the piece out in card (as in step 2)

5. Cut out this piece to form a template for the stand of the frame and then, once you have cut out the piece in card (as in steps 2 and 4), fold along the dotted line.
6. Cut around the dotted lines to form a template for your 911 picture.

7. Once you have cut it out, place it on a picture of the guys (it could be from a magazine, small poster, or a printout of one from this site!), draw around it and then cut that out to make the picture the right size for the frame.

Assembling the pieces to make the frame!

1. First take the front of your frame (piece number 2) and your cut-out 911 picture (piece number 4). Glue around the edges of the front of your picture (it is important that you don't glue totally across the front, or you'll have a very sticky 911!) and then position it in the frame front so that you can see the picture. Check to make sure that the picture is in the right place and then press it down.

2. Take the piece which you have just made, and the back of the frame (piece number 1) and glue them together (remember, if you are using a cereal packet to make this, make sure that the glossy side faces inwards so that you cannot see it)

3. Now take the stand for the frame (piece number 3) and fold along the dotted line, so that the small segment at the top is at an angle to the main segment. Put some glue on the small segment and then stick it to the main part of the frame. Before you press it down, remember to check whether the frame will stand up properly by placing it on a flat surface. Once you have done this, press the small segment of the stand down against the main frame.

4. Your frame is now ready for decorating! You can decorate it in any way you like, but here are some suggestions.....cover it in other, small pictures of 911, in a different coloured paper or in aluminium foil to make it shiny! Cover it in black paper and then write on it with a silver pen (perhaps write the lyrics to your favourite 911 song, or the song titles). Paint it, or colour it in maybe. It really is up to you - use your imagination!

When your frame is finished, why not take a picture of it and send it to me
at leah.kw@virgin.net so that I can make a virtual display of your handiwork?! :o)

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