This is a page for all of you creative or lucky 911 fans out there!

If you have written a poem, story or any other fantastic literary piece about your favourite member, or even about the whole group, send it in to me (Leah) and I will choose the best ones to include on my page! Also, if you have been lucky enough to meet the gorgeous popsters, write down your experience, send it to me (Leah) and I will choose the best to star on this 'Scribblings' page! Good luck!

Here are some piccies of 911 which I (Leah) drew last year!
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This true 911 story was sent to me by Louise Miles from Newcastle!

"Me and a few friends were waiting in line to see 911 at their Moving On album signing in Newcastle. Word was going round that the boyz had just arrived and before I knew it, everyone was racing towards the entrance of the store with the police trying to hold everyone back.

I and my friends stayed in line and before we knew it we were at the front of the queue! We went in and we saw them just sitting there! My friend was soo exited by the fact that she had met them that they had to call in the paramedics 2 calm her down. She was o.k. in the end but the ladz let us stay with them until the signing was over 2 make sure that she was o.k!

Lee and Jimmy had a play fight and Lee was kicking Jimmy in the sore parts! It was soo funny! It was the best day and I'll never forget it!!!"

"My Dinner Date With 911."
(By Jennifer Lang)

It was 28th of March 1996 and the day I had been waiting for, for about three months. 911 were on their schools tour and today they were arriving in my school. There were mixed opinions of the band in my school and I had taken a lot of grief about the fact that I had arranged to get the boys at my school(I'm friends with their PR lady, Julie) So lunch hour arrived and everybody piled into the main hall to see 911 perform. As usual they were fantastic, but the best part was still to come! In the middle of their set they started to talk about a girl they knew who had a birthday a few weeks before....It was me!!! Lee then looked at me and said " Jennifer , do you want to come out for dinner with us tonight?" I was gobsmacked, which doesn't happen to me very often! I said yes (of course!) then Lee, Spike and Jimmy jumped off the stage and all gave me a big kiss.

That evening I arrived at TGI Fridays in Glasgow feeling as if about 100 butterflies were flapping around in my stomach! The guys arrived a little after me so I had time to calm down. We had an amazing time. Just me, my three favourite men and some very stupid jokes from Spike..yes they really are as bad as Lee and Jimmy say! Highlights of the evening were Jimmy and Lee singing Father and Son to me, as I like Boyzone too, and in the taxi on the way home. Lee and I were singing Bodyshakin' at the tops of our voices as Spike did that sexy dance move!!!

It was the perfect night and I'll never ever forget it. I still love the guys as much as I did when I first met them, if not more. They're the funniest, sexiest, most gorgeous guys I know and I wish them all the luck in the world. I miss you boys!

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